Bus Transportation: Concerns for Dads and Families

busesConcerned dads want the best for their families, and that means making choices about the safety of their loved ones. As the summer fun ends and children gear up to go back to school, moms and dads find themselves faced with decisions about what the best way to see their children safely off to school is.

Back-to-school means back-to-bus for many families

For many students, the back-to-school season means back-to-bus. Many dads choose to send their children to school on a school bus or city bus so that both the students and parents in the family can get to school and work safely and on time.

Buses are an efficient means of getting around

Bus travel is a green and cost-effective choice for commuters looking for an efficient way to get around town. For families seeking a way to help the planet while getting their children to and from school for less than the cost of driving them there themselves, bus transport—whether by school bus or metro bus—can be a great option for those to whom it is available. Many urban and suburban families find bus travel ideal.

Bus accidents can leave large-scale damage in their wake

Although taking the bus can be a great way to safely get your children to and from class, bus accidents can lead to damages and injury on a large scale. Buses often transport up to 50 people at one time, so when they are involved in an accident, dozens of people can be injured or killed. Many factors can play a role in causing a bus accident, a number of which are beyond the bus driver’s control: being struck by an intoxicated, reckless or distracted driver, for example, is not always something that can be avoided. Tragically, bus accidents can leave many lives devastated in an instant.

If you or a family member are involved in a bus accident

If you or your child are involved in a bus accident, get medical attention as soon as possible and keep a record of any injuries that have been sustained. Take pictures of any bruises or lacerations and keep a journal of the chain of events leading up to the incident. If you want to explore your legal options, an experienced personal injury attorney specializing in bus accident cases can help you learn more about your rights as a bus accident victim. Contact a bus accident attorney for a no-charge consultation and see whether you and your family may be eligible for monetary compensation as a result of your pain and suffering.